About The Client:

“The Ultimate Student Directory is the only Canadian on-line directory geared entirely to helping connect students with stores and services close to their high school, college or university. Whether students are new to town, or are just looking for a new service or a place to shop, the Ultimate Student Directory provides great information and deals—specifically for students!”

Key Features:

  • Unique geo-locating system stores GPS locations of all businesses and educational institutions across Canada and uses proximity searches to find near-by businesses to advertise directly to various schools.
  • Businesses are able to create ‘deals’ and have them targeted to all local students, or only students from specific institutions in their area.
  • All deals can be searched, based on proximity to a student’s school, a select group of categories, and active dates for the coupons.
  • Initial database of 500,000 businesses and 85,000 institutions (high school – university), all GPS located and geo-linked together for proximity.
Ultimate Student Directory - Listings