Through collaborative connections with other industry professionals, we are able to provide a very diverse list of ancillary services to our clients. From video and music production, to blogs and twitter integration, and of course traditional print-based packaging and marketing.

jhvideo-cardJackson | Hamilton video

Jackson | Hamilton Video Professionals is a Toronto-based collaboration between two individuals each accumulating over twenty years of experience in the fields of video, film, graphics, sound, production, and animation. They have worked together for most of that time on various projects, including corporate videos, music videos, mixing for film, CD production, graphic design and web-based installations.


Crave Music Recording Studio

Crave Music is a full service analog and digital recording facility located in downtown Toronto, in the heart of The Annex Village. We offer a wide range of professional sound services including recording, mixing and mastering. For over 15 years Crave Music has worked with some of the most talented musicians in the Toronto area and has provided this booming music scene with a comfortable and affordable venue to make professional-sounding studio recordings.


xrays Photography

Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I am able to offer creative and professional photography services to assist clients in their need for everything from corporate head shots to fashion and product photography sessions.