I have designed many logos over the years. Scan through the examples, below, to get a sense of my style and range.

Nehalennia: Logo For Yacht
Logo For Yacht

Pictureboy: Film Editor
Film Editor

Evolution Interactive: CD-ROM and Web Site Company
Evolution Interactive
CD-ROM and Web Site Company

Black Cat Graphics: Graphic Designer
Black Cat Graphics
Graphic Designer

Oakville, Milton & District: Real Estate Board
Oakville, Milton & District
Real Estate Board

Michael Flint Aviation: Flight Instructor
Michael Flint Aviation
Flight Instructor

Twist 'n Shout: Retro Music Design
Twist ‘n Shout
Retro Music Design

RCDogs: Remote Control Vehicle Club
Remote Control Vehicle Club

Pedal Mania: Bicycle Race
Pedal Mania
Bicycle Race

Candy Venning: Landscape Designer
Candy Venning
Landscape Designer

Hamilton Guitars: Custom Luthier
Hamilton Guitars
Custom Luthier

PK.LA Authentic: Boutique Ticket Artwork
PK.LA Authentic
Boutique Ticket Artwork

ExploreIt!: Educational Workshops for Children
Educational Workshops for Children

Kinetix: Digital Animation & Design
Digital Animation & Design