Portable Speaker Build

Today I completed a prototype of a portable speaker I designed which features a 2×50 watt main section and a 100 watt twin speaker subwoofer design, 12v battery powered, and 1/8″ stereo input.

The main drivers are from Dayton Audio, while the two 4″ subs are from Eminence. The amp (and speakers) was sourced from Parts Direct, and is 2.1 channel 200 watt total, but doesn’t attain that goal due to only a 12v power source. However, the system is quite loud and was designed to be a mini guitar amp for a jam session with an FX box driving it, and the battery allows for many hours of portable music before needing a recharge.

The cabinet structure is made of 11mm plywood for the main shape, and features removable sides made of solid cherry, giving interior access to update and/or fix the system in the future. The control panel is rosewood.