Portable Speaker Build

Today I completed a prototype of a portable speaker I designed which features a 2×50 watt main section and a 100 watt twin speaker subwoofer design, 12v battery powered, and 1/8″ stereo input.

The main drivers are from Dayton Audio, while the two 4″ subs are from Eminence. The amp (and speakers) was sourced from Parts Direct, and is 2.1 channel 200 watt total, but doesn’t attain that goal due to only a 12v power source. However, the system is quite loud and was designed to be a mini guitar amp for a jam session with an FX box driving it, and the battery allows for many hours of portable music before needing a recharge.

The cabinet structure is made of 11mm plywood for the main shape, and features removable sides made of solid cherry, giving interior access to update and/or fix the system in the future. The control panel is rosewood.

Wooden Bowtie Collaboration

My nephew and I decided to tackle a small woodworking project together recently to generate some wooden bowties that he could sell for charity at a block party. We discussed the options, and with my help, we came up with a three-colour design using maple (white), padouk (red), and purple heart.

The process entailed forming a large block of wood that would then be sliced into 1/4″ strips that resembled the final bowtie shape and design. This involved some crafty table saw work, which my nephew keenly observed and aided where possible.

The final sanding and finishing was time consuming, but the results were fantastic. My nephew learned a lot about woodworking, and the various tools required, got a little dusty, and came away with something unique he could call his own.

ExploreIt! Custom Guitar

I created this one-of-a-kind custom electric guitar as a present for my sister and her husband’s company’s 5th anniversary.

It began as a collection of 1×2 maple from Home Depot, glued together to form the body, which was then trimmed and routed into the shape of a traditional Telecaster. I then painted the body, added thin stripes to mirror their business card design, and proceeded to hand-paint the logo onto the body of the guitar.

After mounting the hardware and attaching the neck, the final results were very well appreciated at their annual company BBQ party!

Domestic Goddess Food Shoot

We arranged for a day-long shoot with the Domestic Goddess herself, to build a small collection of photos to help promote her cookbook proposal, as well as to increase her library of images for the website. The food was as tasty as it was pretty, as we worked through various recipes and presentations through the day, starting with french toast and winding up with cupcakes and strawberry tarts. I’ll be eager to repeat this experience if only for the munchies.

CN Tower At Night

After a long day at a softball tournament with my summer league, the team was invited back to a friend’s apartment down on the lakeshore for some food and drinks. It was a drizzly evening, but I managed to take a few beautiful shots of the CN Tower in the mist.

Snazzygirl Product Photos

Since the beginning, I have been photographing product for sale on snazzygirl.com’s website. This involves a variety of product, some jewelery, some clothes, and even some photos of a wee little dog wearing sweaters for the upcoming snazzypets site. Here is only a sample of some of the photos used on the site.

Black Guitar (335 Copy)

Here’s a few shots of my latest project; a Gibson 335 thinline archtop guitar copy. I bought all the parts online and assembled it to my own specs. All gold hardware compliment the dressed black surface of this beauty. I still have work to do to complete the project (like dressing the frets, finishing the neck, and tweaking the electronics), but it plays fine as it is.