Cottage Scenic Photography

While on a working vacation up North this fall, I was able to spend some time exploring the scenery through the camera lens. A couple of these images are multi-exposures combined to create an HDR image, which helps to compress the contrast range in natural lighting.

CN Tower At Night

After a long day at a softball tournament with my summer league, the team was invited back to a friend’s apartment down on the lakeshore for some food and drinks. It was a drizzly evening, but I managed to take a few beautiful shots of the CN Tower in the mist.

World Enduro Canada 2006

Spending a weekend in Parry Sound photographing dirt bikes caught my attention. I planned for this 6 months in advance, but I still wasn’t sure what I was going to see when I got there. This was the first ever WEC event in North America, and I was called upon to document the event for posterity and for next year’s media build-up.

Snazzygirl Product Photos

Since the beginning, I have been photographing product for sale on’s website. This involves a variety of product, some jewelery, some clothes, and even some photos of a wee little dog wearing sweaters for the upcoming snazzypets site. Here is only a sample of some of the photos used on the site.

Black Guitar (335 Copy)

Here’s a few shots of my latest project; a Gibson 335 thinline archtop guitar copy. I bought all the parts online and assembled it to my own specs. All gold hardware compliment the dressed black surface of this beauty. I still have work to do to complete the project (like dressing the frets, finishing the neck, and tweaking the electronics), but it plays fine as it is.

Kember Metals – Mini Safe

I did a small photo session today that involved shooting a pair of ‘mini safes’ for a metal company. They make custom metal products for in-store product displays, and these safes are something they make specially for clients. These mini safes are made of heavy gauge steel, and have a removable stainless steel door, complete with a security lock installed. Great for home or office.