Beelzeboptet @ Annex Live

Tonight I went out to shoot some photos and video for another friend’s band, interestingly named “Beelzeboptet”, which played at Annex Live. They are a very accomplished jazz trio, with stand-up bass (Bill Norman), electric guitar (Greg Haddow), and drums (Dan Holowachuk). I was only able to stay for the first set and grab a few photos, so here they are.

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Wayne Cass Blues Band @ Waterfalls

I went down into Kensington Market (Waterfalls Tapas Bar & Grill) last night to watch one of my favourite blues bands (Wayne Cass Blues Band aka Left 4 Dead), as they were trying out a new singer (Ally Jed). I only caught the last set, in which they performed extended versions of “Down By The River”, “I Put A Spell On You”, “Come Together”, and “The Weight”. Ally was quite good, and she has a fantastic stage presence… Can I use the word “Foxy”?

As always, the Wayne Cass Blues Band put on a great show.

Band Members: Wayne Cass (electric guitar), Mark Sharpe (bass), Great Bob Scott (drums), and Ally Jed (vocals)

Caledon County Trio

I was asked recently to photograph a friend’s trio (an an unlikely trio at that, featuring bagpipes, fiddle and acoustic guitar) at the Toronto Metropolitan Church. Despite getting up early on a Sunday morning, and going to church, it seemed like a fun idea. They wanted something they could use as part of promotional materials for an upcoming tour.