Beelzeboptet @ Annex Live

Tonight I went out to shoot some photos and video for another friend’s band, interestingly named “Beelzeboptet”, which played at Annex Live. They are a very accomplished jazz trio, with stand-up bass (Bill Norman), electric guitar (Greg Haddow), and drums (Dan Holowachuk). I was only able to stay for the first set and grab a few photos, so here they are.

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Wayne Cass Blues Band @ Waterfalls

I went down into Kensington Market (Waterfalls Tapas Bar & Grill) last night to watch one of my favourite blues bands (Wayne Cass Blues Band aka Left 4 Dead), as they were trying out a new singer (Ally Jed). I only caught the last set, in which they performed extended versions of “Down By The River”, “I Put A Spell On You”, “Come Together”, and “The Weight”. Ally was quite good, and she has a fantastic stage presence… Can I use the word “Foxy”?

As always, the Wayne Cass Blues Band put on a great show.

Band Members: Wayne Cass (electric guitar), Mark Sharpe (bass), Great Bob Scott (drums), and Ally Jed (vocals)

Caledon County Trio

I was asked recently to photograph a friend’s trio (an an unlikely trio at that, featuring bagpipes, fiddle and acoustic guitar) at the Toronto Metropolitan Church. Despite getting up early on a Sunday morning, and going to church, it seemed like a fun idea. They wanted something they could use as part of promotional materials for an upcoming tour.

DougieBall 2012

I ventured over to Christie Pits park today to observer the first DougieBall event, hosted of course by Doug Gilmour himself. The event was well presented, and there sure were enough NHL players on hand (past and present) to entertain the audience. I couldn’t stick around for the whole game due to work, but I can’t wait for next year’s event.

Participants included this year: Doug Gilmour, Shayne Corson, Tie Domi, Darcy Tucker, Eric Lindros, Steve Thomas, and musical guests (not being musical), Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall, to mention just a few.

More Information: DougieBall 2012

Toronto Zombie Walk 2010

They rose from the dead, and then strolled around the streets of Toronto in search of… Well, they may not be real zombies, but the Annual Zombie Walk in Toronto does rate as one of the more spectacular things to hit the streets this year. Nearly 10,000 people were dressed in various states of ripped and blood-stained clothing, depicting everything from soldiers to cows, all resurrected from the dead and eager to amble. The cool and wet weather didn’t seem to dissuade these brain munchers from getting up this morning.

Corduroy Enduro 2008

While staying at my cottage through September, I decided to head out and photograph a portion of this year’s Corduroy Enduro event, which is held each year in the Gooderham area (North of Peterborough, ON), and not too far from where I was staying. These photos represent a good portion of the action at the event.

International Air Show

I spent the afternoon on a friend’s roof top in downtown Toronto shooting the air show. All the photos I took were using a 1000mm reflex lens, which is fixed at f/10, and it is nearly impossible to focus and maintain a decent framing due to the extreme magnification and lens weight. I was impressed that I was able to obtain this selection of images.

Lunar Eclipse

There was a lunar eclipse last night over most of the East Coast of North America, so I stayed up late (early) to photograph it. The event begain around 5:00am and lasted about two hours before it was all over. The photo montage shown here is a collection of images taken through the duration of the event, and demonstrate the dramatic colour change that occurs.

Download Wallpaper: 1920×1200 pixels

World Enduro Canada 2007

Another year passes, and I find myself again up in Parry Sound photographing the World Enduro races. This was the second year in a row there, and hopefully one of many more to come in the future. I spent three days combing the hills around the timed events trying to find niches for good photographs, and trying to capture the essence of what a WEC race is all about. Did I succeed?

Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

I was recently down in Martha’s Vineyard for a friend’s wedding, so I took advantage of the beautiful local scenery for my own portfolio. I was only there for a few days, but I managed to see most of the island and snap a few memorable images of the trip.