Domestic Goddess Food Shoot

We arranged for a day-long shoot with the Domestic Goddess herself, to build a small collection of photos to help promote her cookbook proposal, as well as to increase her library of images for the website. The food was as tasty as it was pretty, as we worked through various recipes and presentations through the day, starting with french toast and winding up with cupcakes and strawberry tarts. I’ll be eager to repeat this experience if only for the munchies.

Snazzygirl Product Photos

Since the beginning, I have been photographing product for sale on’s website. This involves a variety of product, some jewelery, some clothes, and even some photos of a wee little dog wearing sweaters for the upcoming snazzypets site. Here is only a sample of some of the photos used on the site.

Kember Metals – Mini Safe

I did a small photo session today that involved shooting a pair of ‘mini safes’ for a metal company. They make custom metal products for in-store product displays, and these safes are something they make specially for clients. These mini safes are made of heavy gauge steel, and have a removable stainless steel door, complete with a security lock installed. Great for home or office.