Corduroy Enduro 2008

While staying at my cottage through September, I decided to head out and photograph a portion of this year’s Corduroy Enduro event, which is held each year in the Gooderham area (North of Peterborough, ON), and not too far from where I was staying. These photos represent a good portion of the action at the event.

World Enduro Canada 2007

Another year passes, and I find myself again up in Parry Sound photographing the World Enduro races. This was the second year in a row there, and hopefully one of many more to come in the future. I spent three days combing the hills around the timed events trying to find niches for good photographs, and trying to capture the essence of what a WEC race is all about. Did I succeed?

World Enduro Canada 2006

Spending a weekend in Parry Sound photographing dirt bikes caught my attention. I planned for this 6 months in advance, but I still wasn’t sure what I was going to see when I got there. This was the first ever WEC event in North America, and I was called upon to document the event for posterity and for next year’s media build-up.